St. Terrible 2018 in Review

•Live at Opposition Gallery (SLC)-Jan 2018

St. Terrible performed a stripped down performance of The Gospel of Nothingness in Salt Lake City for the Oppostion Gallery's "Bloom + Decay" event. 

•"The Shrine" (art installation at Treefort 2018)

St. Terrible and HOUD (in collaboration with the City of Boise) created an interactive performance installation for Treefort 2018. The Piece was called "The Shrine" and was centered around a live band and group of dancers. Audience members were encouraged to move about the space as they pleased to give the feeling of a more immersive environment. Over the course of 45 minutes, both dancers and musicians would move through a structured improvisation focused on taking the audience on an existential journey from bloom to decay. "The Shrine" was performed 4 times during the day of it's installation (Friday of Treefort 2018).

The entirety of the physical elements of the shrine (art structures, lighting, layout) were created/designed/built by members and friends of St. Terrible. 


•Stage show at Treefort 2018

STGON Treefort 2018 SM.jpg

St. Terrible performed a stripped down version of The Gospel of Nothingness at the Boise All-ages Movement stage on Saturday night of Treefort (2018).

•Emptiness and Other Such Places (New EP Release)

New 3 song album released in May 2018. 

Drowning Man Final.jpg

To listen to it in it's entirety:

•GCP Video Session

(COMING SOON) In May, St. Terrible did a live video session with a professional videographer at the Garden City Projects. A small group of audience members were personally invited to join St. Terrible and crew for the filming of this project. The result is a intimate 15-minute performance in a beautifully transformed space. The video is due to be out early this fall.

•Residency at Agopolis (June-Aug)

In April, Zach was selected as an artist in Residency for the Building 180 program at Agapolis in the Bay Area. His residency runs June 15-Aug 1. He is focusing on honing a deeper and more meaningful form of his artistic craft, both in live and recorded music.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 4.02.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 4.02.38 PM.png

•Other Shows in 2018

•Building Man Festival-Green River, UT (May)

•Secret Show-Garden City Projects, Boise (May)

•Live at the Hot Water Inn-Ketchum, ID (June)

•Echo Park Rising- LA, CA (Aug/Upcoming)