St. Terrible

St. Terrible is a musician and performance artist based out of Boise, ID. His shows combine music, varying from experimental folk to ambient minimalism, with forms of story telling and existential outbursts. A multi-instrumentalist, live-looper, and passionate improviser, St. Terrible works both solo and in collaboration (The Gospel of Nothingness) to create experiences ranging from the bizarre to the beautiful. His work is ever-changing but always aims to explore the deeper edges of the human experience.

“Mixing the joyfulness of a sermon, religious iconography*, and a transgressive approach to performance itself which seeks to subvert the performer vs. audience dynamic, St. Terrible and the Gospel of Nothingness have created an expansive and embracing experience that is vital and vibrant.”
— — Lex Voight, LA Music Blog

Works (Solo/Collab)