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St. Terrible and the Gospel of Nothingness


Based out of Boise, Idaho, The Gospel of Nothingness is an immersive experience that combines elements of story telling, performance art, and modern dance with the rich and eclectic music of "Freak-Folk" artist St. Terrible. The result is a existential romp thru an odd but wonderfully rich world that is ever-shifting but always welcoming.


“Mixing the joyfulness of a sermon, religious iconography*, and a transgressive approach to performance itself which seeks to subvert the performer vs. audience dynamic, St. Terrible and the Gospel of Nothingness have created an expansive and embracing experience that is vital and vibrant.”
— Lex Voight, LA Music Blog

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  1. Zach Herbert Boise, ID

  2. Ashton Jenicek

  3. Sean Dahlman

  4. Aaron Atkins

  5. Sam Funk

  6. Jonnie Pedersen

  7. Annette Taylor


*St. Terrible and the Gospel of Nothingness is non-denominational and doesn't represent any religious group. Our only association is with the nameless, ever-expanding universe that we all find ourselves currently existing within.